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Educators Rising national competitions are performance-based competitive events in which teenage, aspiring teachers demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and leadership in education. With a blend of individual and team events, competitions are authentic, engaging opportunities for rising educators to stretch their creativity, commitment, and professionalism. Please note, students must be paid, Active-level members of Educators Rising in order to participate. 

In 2020, Educators Rising is offering 21 national competitions. All competitions culminate with on-site presentations at the Educators Rising National Conference, which will take place June 17-21, 2020, in Washington DC.

Members can find the full guidelines, scoring rubrics, timelines, and registration information for all 21 competitions in the Student Resources section of the EdRising Membership Portal.

2020 Competitive Events and Awards

Secondary Level

  • Children’s Literature K-3 
  • Children’s Literature Pre-K
  • Creative Lecture (TED Talk) 
  • Educators Rising Leadership Award 
  • Educators Rising Moment 
  • Ethical Dilemma 
  • Exploring Education Administration Careers 
  • Exploring Non-Core Subject Teaching Careers 
  • Exploring Support Services Careers 
  • Impromptu Lesson
  • Impromptu Speaking 
  • Inside Our Schools Presentation
  • Job Interview 
  • Lesson Planning & Delivery – Arts 
  • Lesson Planning & Delivery – Career & Technical Education 
  • Lesson Planning & Delivery – Humanities 
  • Lesson Planning & Delivery – STEM
  • Public Speaking 
  • Researching Learning Challenges 

Post-secondary Level

  • Children's Literature
  • Creative Lecture (TED Talk) 

Professional Awards

  • Erin Young Voice Award (for adult Educators Rising members)

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