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Educators Rising is for young people exploring the path to great teaching and the adults directly supporting them on their journeys. Joining Educators Rising takes less than five minutes, and — since this is all about supporting rising public servants — there are no member dues or registration fees.

To join Educators Rising, simply create a profile in the EdRising Virtual Campus. By signing up through the EdRising Virtual Campus, you’ll be able to connect with other rising educators, teacher leaders, and experts and access curricular resources that you can infuse into your classroom. You’ll also find a library of learning resources — like "game film" of National Board Certified Teachers in action, articles geared toward helping your students develop their teaching skills and plan for college, and much more. Check out the Educators Rising 2017–2018 Guide to discover everything we offer.

There’s power in teaching.

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I’m fired up! How do I get Educators Rising started in my school?

Whether you are embedding Educators Rising into your cocurricular program or starting up an extracurricular group, it is easy — and free! — to affiliate with the Educators Rising network. The teacher leader who is facilitating the course should sign up via the EdRising Virtual Campus. (It’s as simple as filling out a Facebook profile.) Through this process, you can affiliate your school as an official Educators Rising chapter. As soon as we approve you as a teacher leader, you can encourage your students to join the chapter by creating their own profile in the EdRising Virtual Campus and affiliating with your school.

Who are Educators Rising teacher leaders?

When we say “teacher leader,” we mean you. Educators Rising teacher leaders are passionate, skilled teachers who have joined the Educators Rising network and are paying forward their expertise to the next generation.

Once I register, how do I get my students to affiliate with Educators Rising?

Students must be at least 13 years old to join Educators Rising. Encourage each of your students to sign themselves up by creating a profile in the EdRising Virtual Campus.

It’s important that your students sign up! This adds them to our official roster and gives them access to all resources and opportunities that Educators Rising offers. You, as the teacher leader, will have the opportunity to approve all students who sign up as part of your chapter through the EdRising Virtual Campus “Student Management” center.

What resources are available to help me with starting my chapter?

Once your chapter has been approved, you will gain access to the Teacher Leader Community, a private section within the EdRising Virtual Campus where you can connect with other Educators Rising teacher leaders, manage your students, and access a host of curricular resources (like lesson plans) and program materials (like fundraising ideas or templates for Educators Rising certificates and press releases).

I work at a Career Center. How do I start a chapter for my students given that they attend different schools?

Follow the same registration process as any teacher leader! Just sign up via the EdRising Virtual Campus and affiliate your Career Center as an official Educators Rising chapter. (It’s as simple as filling out a Facebook profile.) As soon as we approve you as a teacher leader, you can encourage your students to join the chapter through the EdRising Virtual Campus. When your students are signing up, it’s important to tell them to choose the Career Center as their school – not their current high school.

I already have a future teacher program at my school. What is the benefit of affiliating my existing program?

By affiliating your program with Educators Rising, you will expand the learning opportunities available to you and your students. Through Educators Rising, your students will have access to:

  • The EdRising Virtual Campus, a dynamic, free online community with videos and original content to help them become great teachers;
  • The Educators Rising National Conference;
  • Competitive events where they can demonstrate the development of their teaching craft and gain national recognition; and
  • Scholarships
You'll also get access to the private Teacher Leader Community within the EdRising Virtual Campus, which offers:
  • Curricular materials that you can infuse into your course;
  • Program resources to support learning activities available through Educators Rising; and
  • Opportunities to connect with peer teacher leaders and experts.

What funding will I need to run an Educators Rising chapter?

There is no cost to join Educators Rising or start a chapter. Some states charge state dues. Optional field trips, conference registration, and merchandise purchases have costs for which chapters may fundraise or use local funding streams.

What courses does Educators Rising have resources to support?

Any course on teaching and learning can be enhanced with resources found on the EdRising Virtual Campus. Our text and multimedia materials are applicable to any course where the purpose is to introduce students to the teaching profession.

Can Educators Rising be part of my school’s CTE program?

Yes. Educators Rising is a board member of the National Coordinating Council of Career and Technical Student Organizations (NCC-CTSO) and is integral to CTE programs of study in the Education & Training career cluster. Many states allocate Perkins funds to support Educators Rising programs; it's a wise investment given our current teacher recruitment crisis.

My school doesn’t offer a teacher-related CTE pathway. Can I still start an Educators Rising chapter?

Yes. Educators Rising has resources and opportunities to support cultivating highly skilled educators, regardless of the structure of the program. Non-CTE elective courses can be highly effective, and some extracurricular models provide quality experiences for aspiring educators.

We want to participate but our program is extracurricular. Are we allowed to affiliate with Educators Rising?

Of course! Educators Rising is committed to creating quality opportunities for high school students to pursue careers in education and helping them develop their teaching craft. Though we believe cocurricular pathways are most effective at providing sustained clinical experience, we support educators who are interested in using Educators Rising resources to help students explore the profession in thoughtful and rigorous ways.

Does my state have an Educators Rising coordinator and/or state dues?

Some states have a statewide Educators Rising affiliate program, and more are joining each year. Find out if your state has an official state coordinator or state dues on the State/Regional Affiliates webpage. There are no national dues for joining Educators Rising.

I live in a state where we have no official "state affiliate." Can we still join Educators Rising?

Yes! You can still join Educators Rising even if your state doesn't have a state affiliate program. Just sign up through the EdRising Virtual Campus.

How can I learn about other schools or districts that are running successful Educators Rising programs?

The Teacher Leader Community in the EdRising Virtual Campus is a safe space for sharing, asking questions, and building professional relationships with your peers and counterparts around the country. As of March 2017, there were 29,000 members and 2,000 schools in the Educators Rising network.

I already have a course (or courses) that introduce students to teaching and education. Is Educators Rising an add-on? Do I have to switch my curriculum?

No … and … no! If you already have a cocurricular program of study in place, Educators Rising is a way for you to extend and amplify the learning that is already happening. The opportunities and content offered through the EdRising Virtual Campus can be incorporated into your classroom as supplemental resources for you and your students. One quick example: use the National Board videos to demonstrate great teaching in action!

Though there are opportunities for your students to engage in Educators Rising outside of the typical school day — especially through attending conferences or competitions — Educators Rising does not need to be an “add-on” or after-school club. The bottom line is we want to help students have substantive opportunities to try out teaching, and that occurs best when woven into a structured, cocurricular program.

I was part of the Future Educators Association. How is this different?

With the evolution to Educators Rising, we’ve shifted our focus to offer a dramatically expanded set of resources to help students develop their teaching skills and navigate the journey to becoming a great teacher. This includes more support for you, the teacher!

By taking what was great about FEA and expanding on it, we are raising the bar for what aspiring teachers know and are able to do. In addition to doing away with national dues, we are offering a suite of new resources — like the EdRising Virtual Campus, an online community that provides cutting-edge opportunities for connecting and learning; a more robust national conference; expanded national competitions; and opportunities for you and your students to connect with national education leaders. It’s so much more than just a name change!