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2016 Educators Rising National Conference

On June 24-27, the Educators Rising National Conference is going to college! We'll be on the campus of Boston University in Boston, Ma. It will be three action-packed days of networking, learning, competing, and celebrating. It's an opportunity for students and their teacher leaders to:

  • Connect and learn from each other through more than 40 breakout workshops designed to help students develop teaching skills
  • Compete for national titles in more than 20 competitive events designed to allow students to develop and showcase their teaching skills
  • Be inspired by keynote presentations from national education leaders

Registration will open in February 2016.

EdRising Hangouts

Through regular online events, Educators Rising connects students and teacher leaders with education experts and peer leaders for engaging discussions on high-interest topics. Formats will include Google Hangouts (videoconferences) and Twitter chats.

Upcoming Hangouts

National Board 101: How to Start on the Road to Accomplished Teaching

Wed. 10/14 3:30pm-4:00pm ET

Join our network’s interactive premiere episode!

You’re on the road to becoming a high-impact teacher. That means you need to know about The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Meet two National Board Certified Teachers who will explain how the National Board has mapped out precisely what great teachers need to know and be able to do, and what it means for your journey.


Stacey Hicks (@staceyhicks81) is Director of Outreach and Engagement with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards and a National Board Certified Teacher. She taught third grade in Arizona and Integrated Preschool as an Intervention Specialist in Ohio.

Dan Brown (@danbrownteacher) is a Co-Director of Educators Rising and a National Board Certified Teacher. He taught fourth grade in New York City and high school English in Washington, D.C.

Grace Worm is an outdoor educator and the host of EdRising Hangouts. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2014 and starred in the 2015 documentary The Road to Teach, produced by Participant Media. Grace is currently pursuing a graduate degree at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

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