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EdRising Academy Curriculum*

Created with support from the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), the EdRising Academy curriculum emphasizes fundamental teaching practices that are critical for high school students to develop as they take their first steps on the path to becoming accomplished professionals

The curriculum is customizable and can function as a one-year or two-year program; it can support a series of electives or a Career and Technical Education (CTE) program of study. 

The EdRising Academy curriculum includes three key components: (1) instructional materials, (2) resources for clinical experiences, and (3) teacher leader training and support.

1. EdRising Academy Curriculum Instructional Materials

This flexible curriculum — rooted in the Educators Rising Standards — includes more than 60 lesson topics organized into five domains:

  • You
  • Your Students
  • Your Classroom
  • Your Community
  • Your Profession

These five domains represent the foundational areas for any rising educator to explore, and teacher leaders can select which topics to cover in the course. There is no pre-identified scope and sequence, although we provide samples. This is an opportunity for you to identify the priority topic areas for your school or district.

Additionally, each topic offers three lesson plans of varying lengths (1-period, 3-period, or 5-period), which allows teacher leaders to choose how deeply to explore any given topic. The lesson plans provide explicit instructional guidance based on best practice. They also include links to a host of resources and activities with details on how to incorporate these into instruction. 

2. Resources for Clinical Experiences

Providing students with hands-on opportunities to experience teaching and refine their practice is a cornerstone of the EdRising Academy program. Though we know that clinical rotations offer profound and impactful experiences for rising educators, we also understand they can present logistical challenges to coordinate. The EdRising Academy curriculum includes specific resources to guide teachers and school leaders in:

  • Planning for Clinical Experiences — Organize a well-scaffolded progression of clinical opportunities across a variety of school settings. 
  • Preparing Your Rising Educators for Clinical Experiences — Prepare rising educators in advance of their clinical immersion so they are ready to contribute to and learn from these experiences in meaningful ways. 
  • Teaming Effectively with Cooperating Teachers and Partner Schools — Engage and prepare schools and teachers to serve as hosts for your students.

Educators Rising provides resources to support teacher leaders as they plan each of these critical areas.

3. Teacher Leader Training and Support

Any school that chooses to implement the EdRising Academy curriculum also receives training for the teacher leading the course. Through the materials and teacher leader training, Educators Rising helps schools and districts map out a cohesive, powerful program of study. Additionally, the entire curriculum is made available to teacher leaders through the EdRising Virtual Campus, an online community. In the EdRising Virtual Campus, teacher leaders can easily search the curriculum and connect with peers across the country who are engaged in this same work.

Sound interesting? Hear what real teachers have to say.

See all of the lesson topics the Academy has to offer.

See a sample lesson plan.

See a sample scope and sequence, which outlines how the curriculum aligns with a clinical practice component and national activities.

Pricing for the Academy includes access to the curriculum for two teacher leaders, training (including the opportunity for in-person training at the Educators Rising National Conference), resources around designing and aligning the clinical experience component, and support with developing scope and sequence.

If you are a district or higher education institution purchasing on behalf of multiple schools, please contact Lucy Berrier at lberrier@pdkintl.org.

“Beginning to Teach” Micro-credentials

In addition to the EdRising Academy curriculum, Educators Rising offers five “Beginning to Teach” micro-credentials (or digital badges). The micro-credentials are performance-based assessments that provide students with opportunities to demonstrate their competencies on the road to great teaching. They can be woven into an EdRising Academy or any pathway, serving as summative assessments. Discover more about the micro-credentials.

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