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Cocurricular ProgramsCocurricular Programs

In order for students to truly explore teaching, we must create opportunities within the school day.

If your school already has an “Introduction to Education” elective or a pathway of teacher academy courses, Educators Rising is an excellent complement.

Educators Rising offers an extraordinary national network of connections and resources to amplify and extend the impact of your program.

Through the EdRising Virtual Campus, an online community for our members, we provide teacher leaders with resources to integrate directly into their courses, such as curricular materials and National Board Videos. We also offer powerful opportunities for students, including a national conference, competitive events where they can demonstrate their leadership and teaching skills, scholarships, and more.

In January 2017, we released the Educators Rising "Beginning to Teach" micro-credentials, a set of five performance-based assessments mapped to Educators Rising Standards. Students who earn these micro-credentials are demonstrating powerful achievement on the first steps of the path to accomplished teaching.

If your school doesn’t have a course or pathway but you are interested in implementing one, we have great news!

Educators Rising is developing a curriculum and implementation support to help make it happen. Learn more about the EdRising Academy curriculum, which will launch in 2017–2018.

Join Educators Rising now for free to launch a chapter at your school or to find out more.

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