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Cocurricular ProgramsCocurricular Programs

In order for students to truly, substantively try out teaching, we must create opportunities within the school day.

At the national level, Educators Rising supports the implementation of cocurricular high school programs in which students explore the teaching profession and gain authentic, hands-on teaching experience. Through the EdRising Virtual Campus, we provide teachers and school leaders with resources to establish and teach these courses, including curricular materials. Teacher leaders facilitating the courses have access to a national network of counterparts, peers, and experts for sustained support.

Educators Rising also offers opportunities that can be woven into cocurricular programs to extend and amplify their impact. This includes a national student conference, competitive events where students can demonstrate their leadership and teaching skills, the Educators Rising Honor Society, micro-credentials, scholarships, and more.

Depending on your school, district, or state’s needs, there are a number of flexible program models, whether it’s a stand-alone elective course or a career and technical education (CTE) pathway.

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Sample One-Year Pathway

  • Semester 1: Introduction to Education
  • Semester 2: Teaching Internship

Sample Two-Year Pathway

  • Semester 1: Human Growth & Development
  • Semester 2: Teaching as a Profession
  • Semester 3: Curriculum & Instruction
  • Semester 4: Teaching Internship

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