Featured Video: Crissy Lauterbach: The Power of the Written Word (8:20)

Inspirational Videos

There are few things more important or more powerful than the opportunity to shape a young person’s mind. Check out this collection of short, fun videos that highlight why teachers matter. Think of it as inspiration for your journey!

National Board Videos

Watch game film of great teachers in action! These videos of National Board Certified Teachers in real classrooms show what accomplished teaching looks like and provide a better understanding of how accomplished teachers think.


Members in Action

Educators Rising members across the country are making a real impact on students and our education system. You are rock stars and we're excited to highlight your voices. Want to be featured? Email us at info@educatorsrising.org.

Featured Member:

Nancy Garcia

Nancy Garcia is an Educators Rising Ambassador. She is a student at the University of South Florida.

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