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Tamir Harper

SCIENCE LEADERSHIP ACADEMY | Science Leadership Academy

Tamir Harper is the Educators Rising National Student Vice President. He is a senior at Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, Pa.


Name: Tamir D. Harper
Title: National Student Vice President
School: Science Leadership Academy
City/State: Philadelphia, Pa.
Graduation Year: 2018
What I Want to Teach: Secondary English Education and/or African American History
Grade Level(s) I Want to Teach: 7th grade and higher


Favorite Quotes:
“Teaching, particularly in low income schools, is a realization. Once you realize that it changes everything.” —Nate Bowling

“Education should not be a way out of your neighborhood. It should be a tool for improving it.” —Dr. Christopher Emdin

Favorite Food: Fried fish

Four songs I’ll listen to before my first day as a teacher:

  1. “Dreams and Nightmares” by Meek Mill
  2. “Blessings” by Chance the Rapper
  3. “Juicy” by The Notorious B.I.G.
  4. “Rise Up” by Andrea Day

The two words my friends would use to describe me: Organized and ambitious


An inspiring experience I’ve had as a rising educator:
I had to teach a lesson because the teacher lost her voice, and the class got through the entire lesson and actually understood what was being taught.

What I say when someone asks “Why do you want to try out teaching?”:
If I were to be teacher, I would be able to inspire young Black boys and girls that they can be great and successful in life.


Tamir Harper
is a junior at Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia where he is a member of the Community Involvement Club and Student Union. At 16 years old, Tamir serves as Chairman of the Philadelphia Youth Commission. As a member of the Commission, Tamir has the honor of being a Communications Committee person of the Philadelphia My Brother's Keeper Communications Committee. He also is a three-year member of the School District of Philadelphia Superintendent's Student Advisory Council and was previously the Student Adviser for the School District of Philadelphia K-12 Counseling plan. Serving with those organizations has educated, empowered, and inspired him about youth and advocacy work. This year Tamir has traveled to Washington DC to serve on a panel for the United States Department of Education concerning teacher diversity moderated by Secretary King and has launched his own initiative with a group of students called UrbEd, a platform that advocates for a quality and efficient urban education system.

Holding true to his passion, Tamir believes that students should receive diversity in their schools, funding in their schools, and a quality education that allows every student to succeed. Tamir will continue advocating for all youth in similar situations and strives to play a role in creating sustainable change for generations.

Tamir hopes to continue his passion for education and advocacy throughout his life, and after he graduates high school, class of 2018, he will be attending college. He plans to major in Education and Criminal Justice and hopes to get a PhD in Urban Education.


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Tamir Harper