The Solution

Educators Rising

Educators Rising guides young people on a path to becoming accomplished teachers, beginning in high school and extending through college and into the profession.

At the high-school level, Educators Rising is integrated into cocurricular programs of study or elective courses where students gain authentic opportunities to experience teaching and build the skills they need to be successful educators.

In addition to these school-based programs, we help students and teachers connect and deepen their learning through the EdRising Virtual Campus, a cutting-edge online community that offers rigorous resources to support the development of great teachers.

We start early, we maintain high expectations, and we guide students on a coherent continuum that leads to teaching excellence.

Why Start in High School?

The road to great teaching and a strong homegrown workforce must begin before college. By starting early, districts, schools, and communities can:

  • Broaden the tent for bright, creative young people to experience the high-impact empowerment teaching can offer.
  • Offer students opportunities to develop transferrable skills through leadership development and student teaching experiences that also advance local career readiness agendas.
  • Increase diversity in their local teacher workforce and steer rising educators toward exploring high-needs subject areas.
  • Create career ladders for local teachers and give them opportunities to lead without leaving the classroom as they pay forward their talent and expertise by recruiting and mentoring the next generation.