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News Release: Educators Rising announces the public review period for Educators Rising Standards

April 10, 2016


Arlington, Va., April 10, 2016 — Educators Rising — in partnership with the National Education Association — is coordinating an effort to back-map the road to accomplished teaching into the secondary space. The organization is defining what high school students exploring teaching must know and be able to do to be on the path to accomplished teaching.

Educators Rising is not attempting to reduce a full teacher preparation program into a one- or two-year high school course of study. The goal is to identify the critical skills and dispositions these students should be developing in the earliest part of the career continuum — while still in high school — to take their first steps on a coherent journey to becoming great teachers.

Based on this, Educators Rising Standards must identify:

  • Knowledge and skills that support the development of accomplished practice in the earliest part of the career continuum, while emphasizing the holistic nature of teaching; and
  • The dispositions and habits of mind of young people who can blossom into highly skilled educators.

Educators Rising is engaging the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards to co-facilitate a committee process for developing standards to ensure that the standards come from the profession, for the profession. These are the draft standards developed by the 12 committee members representing the teaching profession.

Educators Rising invites the public to provide feedback and suggestions on the draft standards from April 11-April 24 via this URL:

The Educators Rising Standards are an original document. Once approved, they will serve as the foundation for curricula and assessments used in high school-based, grow-your-own teacher pipeline programs across the country. Read more about the project at


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