Educators Rising national competitions are performance-based competitive events in which teenage, aspiring teachers demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and leadership in education. With a blend of individual and team events, competitions are authentic, engaging opportunities for rising educators to stretch their creativity, commitment, and professionalism.

Secondary Competitions:

Children’s Literature – K-3
Children’s Literature – Pre-K
Creative Lecture (TED Talk)
Educators Rising Leadership Award
Educators Rising Moment
Ethical Dilemma
Exploring Education Administration Careers
Exploring Non-Core Subject Teaching Careers
Exploring Support Services Careers
Impromptu Speaking
Inside Our Schools Presentation
Job Interview
Lesson Planning & Delivery – Arts
Lesson Planning & Delivery – Career & Technical Education
Lesson Planning & Delivery – Humanities
Lesson Planning & Delivery – STEM
Public Speaking
Researching Learning Challenges

Postsecondary Competitions:

Children’s Literature
Creative Lecture (TED Talk)