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There are few things more important or more powerful than the opportunity to shape a young person’s mind, and that’s what teaching is at its core. It’s a job where you’re making a difference every minute. For a student, one skilled teacher opens up a world of possibilities.

There’s never been a greater need for smart, creative young people like you to choose teaching as a career. By joining Educators Rising, you can set yourself on the path to becoming that innovative, skilled, life-changing teacher.

To join Educators Rising, simply create a profile in the EdRising Virtual Campus. It’s easy and free.

There’s power in teaching.

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Can anyone join?

Anyone who is at least 13 years old and is considering a career in teaching can join the Educators Rising network. Whether you are an individual interested in learning more or you have an Educators Rising program at your school, just sign up in the EdRising Virtual Campus. It’s that easy!

Why should I join the network?

Through Educators Rising, you’ll get access to:

  • The EdRising Virtual Campus, a dynamic online community with videos and original content to help you develop the skills of a great teacher;
  • The Educators Rising National Conference, an exciting annual event that brings together more than 1,000 rising educators like you from across the country;
  • Competitive events where you can demonstrate the teaching skills you are developing and gain national recognition;
  • Micro-credentials to help you showcase your growing skills;
  • Leadership opportunities like the Educators Rising Ambassador Program; and
  • Scholarships to support your studies in education.

I’m excited! How do I join?

It’s easy — and free! — to join Educators Rising. Just sign up via the EdRising Virtual Campus. (Signing up is as simple as filling out a Facebook profile, and then you’re officially a member!)

I have an Educators Rising program at my school. Can I join now, or do I have to wait until my teacher signs up?

If you know your school will have an Educators Rising program, wait for the cue from your teacher leader that he/she has signed your school up in the EdRising Virtual Campus. Once your school is affiliated, you can sign up and get access to all Virtual Campus resources, as well as be connected to your school’s virtual community.

My school doesn't have an Educators Rising program. Can I still join Educators Rising?

Absolutely! Once you sign up via the EdRising Virtual Campus, you’re a member regardless of whether or not your school has a program. If your school starts an official program in the future, you will be notified through your profile in the Virtual Campus so you can join it.

In the EdRising Virtual Campus, can I connect with other students who don’t go to my school and are interested in teaching?

Yes! You can follow, chat with, search for, and message other rising educators in the network, which covers the entire country. You can also save any articles, videos, or materials you like by pinning them to your profile.

I like the Educators Rising shirts I see in the pictures on your website. Can I buy one?

Of course! You can shop the Educators Rising store at any time. From shirts to stickers, check out what we have to offer today!